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Program Evaluation:

Social Research & Consulting, Inc. specializes in the evaluation of education, health, human services, and community based programs in diverse settings on local, state, national, and international levels. We evaluate programs of all sizes. We examine what is and isn’t working, by helping organizations set measurable goals, identify indicators, keep track of progress, and apply the results.

This form provides excellent, useful, client-centered research and program evaluation services within budget and timelines. We strive to use a wide range of evaluation methods to answer our clients’ important questions, and to find accurate and useful information for them. This assists them in making decisions and in improving their programs.

So, we help people learn important things about their programs and services. This process is about asking important useful questions and gathering information which can answer these questions and then using the information obtained, make proper decisions. We believe this should be an ongoing, regular part of every organization's work. Other areas such as government agencies and educational institutions also follow the same process.

In this manner Social Research & Consulting, Inc. offers the evaluation services in a systematic way. Some useful information about evaluation services includes:

To assist in our evaluations, we use a mixed-methods approach, which includes hard data and the stakeholder experience. Hard data may include survey data, test scores, and participatory information. The stakeholder experience may include focus group feedback and interview data. This combination of hard data and the stakeholder experience are incorporated to sketch a picture of where the organization or program stands in relation to its outcomes.

Procedures for Services

Contracts & Costs:

To request fee-based evaluation services or any possible technical support opportunities that can benefit you, please contact:

Sunita Batheja
Founder and President

Evaluation Contracts:

We provide free estimates prior to setting up contracts and these evaluation contracts are set up as either fixed price or cost-plus-fixed-fee.

In scale the relative size of projects, range from one-time program evaluations to multi-year, multi-site research studies.