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Survey Research and Data Collection

Multiple methodologies & Skilled Staff:

All of our consultants and staffs are skilled in multiple methodologies and languages. They are successful in handling sensitive topics and in providing solutions to diverse populations.

Our survey research and data collection services are cost effective and an easy way to gather feedback from your stakeholders. We provide customized survey research which is reliable, valid, timely, and relevant.

Our first step in undertaking any project is to listen to the client and to match research and evaluation methods with the research questions being asked, and the population from whom information is obtained. 

We conduct qualitative and quantitative survey research for non-profit organizations, government agencies, and educational area on all levels.

Social Research & Consulting, Inc. provides consultation service for investigators also on issues such as research design, sampling and questionnaire construction.

Our Main Methods: This research firm and its' talented staff members conducts all phases of survey research from sample acquisition to data analysis.

The in-house data collection center's skilled interviewers work regularly with sensitive topics including education, health and human service-related issues, and provide staff training and technical support for our clients.

Our survey research and data collection services include telephone (using a CATI system), web, mail and in-person survey and focus group services (focus group design, implementation and training).

Social Research & Consulting, Inc. utilizes case studies and document review methodology to examine preexisting documents, in order to gather information about a program being evaluated.

Procedures for Services

Contracts & Costs:

Costs of the survey services will vary depending on the services provided, including the length of the survey instrument, the number of individuals who will be interviewed, methodology system (mail, telephone, web), and the type of individuals to be interviewed (general population or hard-to-reach groups).

If you wish to speak with one of Social Research & Consulting Inc.’s Survey Services Coordinators, please contact Sunita for a price quote. You will receive a response within 24 hours.

Sunita Batheja
Founder and President